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A selection of councils we are proud to have worked with to fulfil their HAF Programmes



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You could even make use of the cardboard box the kit arrived in by building your own stage…fantastic! 

Healthy Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme  


We are proud to be working with local councils across the UK on their Healthy Holidays Activities & Food Programme – Providing young minds with our FABULOUS Wonder Adventure Kits.


You may have heard about this fantastic initiative in the press as it was all ‘kicked off’ by the wonderful Marcus Rashford.


As a small business, it's an absolute honour to be involved in this nationwide initiative.

Feeding the imagination of children of all ages, is why we started our business from a warehouse space in Yorkshire back in 2015, so to be able to impact so many deserving young people across the UK is, literally, a dream come true for us.


If you want to find out more and see if your local council is involved then head over to: https://bit.ly/3CDTRjm

OR, if you're interested in why many of the UK councils are choosing our packs over others, then please get in touch and we'll be happy to send you a sample pack. 

Why not download our HAF Brochure for the Activity Packs here!

Anyway enough chat from us for now…

We’ve got Wonder Adventure boxes to pack.